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How to Conserve Energy with Florida AC Services

In South Florida, we use our air conditioning units more than almost anybody else in the nation. With hot, tropical weather all year round, it’s no secret that a good AC unit is a must. However, we also use a lot of energy, but there are ways we can start conserving. It can seem impossible when the warm weather takes over. Fortunately, there are a few tips that can help you to save dollars, while simultaneously being gracious to the environment.  

Tips for Going Green with Florida AC Services  

One of the easiest things you can do is replace your old AC unit. Many Florida homes are dated, and though they’ve been remodeled, it doesn’t mean that their AC units have. The older systems are not as eco-friendly as the newer versions are. There’s also a good chance they’ll cost you more money. Air conditioning units of today are built with energy conservation in mind. If you need a replacement anyways, try choosing something more environmentally friendly. 

Other options include turning off your air conditioning when you’re not home. If you have a large house, merely turning off rooms less used will help conserve energy. With today’s technology, there are options such as Nest, a home AC unit control panel that gives homeowners the opportunity to turn off their units when they’re not home, or not in a specific area. In fact, every degree saves an energy cost of three percent. 

Last, but certainly not least, you can call Air Today Contractors for regular maintenance. Changing the filters and cleaning the ducts can help your air flow immensely. It will also assist the unit not to work as hard. Annual inspections by an Air Today professional will ensure that you’re doing your part for the environment, and for your bank account. 

At Air Today Contractors, we strive to help homeowners understand their relationships with their air conditioners and the environment. Florida is warm, but it doesn’t mean that your AC unit needs to be on full blast at every moment. If you’re ready to see a difference in your energy expenses, call Air Today Contractors at (561) 299-7700 in Palm Beach County or (954) 588-6048 in Broward. We’re here to help you make a difference.