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Heating System Repair

Whether to Perform a Heating System Repair or a Heating System Replacement  

It’s not uncommon to need a heating system repair, especially in South Florida. The extreme temperatures can leave your HVAC system working in overtime, and twice as hard as it should be. While heating systems are built with durability, the lack of maintenance and care can lead to a repair or even a replacement. Hopefully, it’s a quick solution, but occasionally there are times where the repair costs exceed the price of a replacement. 

How a Professional Can Help You Decide Between a Heating System Repair and a Replacement  

An air conditioning and heating professional can assess different aspects of your unit to make an educated analysis. They’ll look at the condition of your HVAC unit. If the issue at hand is a safety hazard, it’s evident that a repair or a replacement needs attention immediately. Some dangerous situations include poisonous carbon monoxide gas and fire threats. They’ll also consider the unit’s lifespan. If your HVAC unit is already at the end of its life, it may be time to replace the system. Otherwise, you could risk spending more money than it’s worth. 

Another replacement versus repair consideration is assessing the efficiency of the system. Do you feel that your home is cooling and heating appropriately? Do you feel that the airflow is weak? Are you spending more than you’d like to on your energy bills every month? Older systems tend to run up costs, and that could be all of the incentives you need to replace your unit. 

An experienced HVAC professional can help you compare numbers for a heating system repair and a heating system replacement. Whatever you need, you can rest at ease knowing that companies like Air Today Contractors come with fast and reliable services, as well as efficient pricing. At Air Today Contractors, we know that your unit can break down at any moment. That’s why we offer weekends, evenings, and emergency situations at no extra charge! For all of your repair and replacement needs, call us today at (561) 299-7700 in Palm Beach County or (954) 588-6048 in Broward. We’re the air conditioning company you can trust!