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Properly Maintain Your AC During the Cool Season

Summer is never over in South Florida. Your air conditioning unit may be working less during the fall and winter. But it still needs to run at an optimum level.  Now is one of the best times of the year to schedule maintenance.  Whether its laziness or fear that it will cost too much, many people avoid getting their AC unit properly checked out until there is a problem.  Don’t wait for your unit to break down during summer time. Air Today Contractors can make sure your air conditioner is functioning as good as new.

Servicing your AC should be performed by a professional. But there are some routine things anyone can do to help keep their air conditioning unit running efficiently. One of the most common problems is the formation of condensation or ice on the central air conditioning unit.  Here are some steps you take to help solve the problem.

First, turn off the AC unit. To ensure your safety, never try to perform any cleaning or service to your central air conditioning unit while it’s running. Go to the outdoor central AC unit and remove the unit case.  Use a small vacuum cleaner or a shop vac to remove debris from the air conditioning fins. Also remove any sticks, leaves, weeds or other clutter.

Once you’ve cleaned the outside unit, go back inside the house and remove the filter from your indoor central AC unit. Depending on the type of filter, either replace it or simply wash it. A new filter will help keep the cooling coils clean as well as the quality of the air. Take a vacuum cleaner and clean the blower compartment. This will remove the dust that will accumulate over time.

The last step for routine maintenance is to clean the condensation drain. One common problem with air conditioners is the leakage of water. This often happens when the drain is clogged. To prevent this from happening, just take a jar of solution made of bleach and water and pour it into the condensation drain. This should help clear the drain and keep your unit functioning efficiently.

By performing all these steps during the cooler months, your air conditioning unit should be primed and ready to work hard for the summer. Most problems can be prevented by simply keeping the unit clean. But if your AC unit needs service, call the pros at Air Today Contractors at . They can fix any problem or can even install a new unit. Serving the tri-county area, Air Today is family-owned and can take service calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.